What to wear for a portrait session

This is the number one question I get “what do we wear”. And the number one thing I can say to this is make sure you feel like you. I’m not here to judge if you want everyone to be in loud patterns and colors because at the end of the day these photos are on your walls. With that said the right clothes can play a role. I’m not saying you have to have the perfectly coiffed outfit (most days you will find me in yoga gear!) but there are a few basics that go a long way.

1. Don’t wear identical outfits. This is definitely a personal opinion (so if you do it it’s not the end of the world). In my opinion if you all show up in white tops and dark jeans it will not look authentic. And it will probably be the one thing people notice first about the photo. Here’s a photo of me and my husband in matching outfits. I know we are adorable 🙂 but unless you are trying to be ironic (as we were) then I don’t suggest this outfit choice.



2. They key is to coordinate without being matchy-matchy.



3. I suggest going for neutral colors. Now this doesn’t mean just beige and white. Neutral colors include navy, lavender, hunter green, dusty rose, mustard, etc.. They can be colors, I just suggest staying away from the neons.

But what if hot pink is my favorite color and you just told me to be me? Here’s the deal. When you wear hot pink or some other brightly colored hue that color is going to reflect on you and anyone else’s face that is near your brightly colored garb. So your skin tone suddenly becomes slightly pink and now you don’t look like you. And who wants that!

4. Patterns are okay, just choose wisely. I don’t suggest putting everyone in different patterns, but if one of you has a pattern it can work. Or if you are really good at coordinating multiple patterns, do it! I love pattern, just don’t want it to get crazy busy.

5.Please, please, please don’t wear clothing that has logos on it. Again if your favorite brand is Nike and you feel really strongly that having Nike represented in your family photo then by all means go for it. But if you can let go of the swoosh (swoop?) for this one photo I highly recommend it.

6. Some local shops who I think offer some lovely affordable options are Target and GAP- at the outlets.



8. Please feel free to email me with photos of the outfits you are considering. I LOVE looking at clothing and am always excited to help you find the right combination. Seriously, do not hesitate to ask for my advice!


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