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Let me tell you about what I think makes for a successful engagement session, because these two had it…


I will start by saying that unless you have your picture taken professionally, most likely, you are not going to be comfortable. I get it! I take photos of other people professionally but you put me in front of the camera and there is that moment of “oh sh&*, what now, what should I do!?”. And I’m here to tell you there is no should, there is no right or wrong when it comes to the engagement session. Because the engagement session is all about just being you.


I recognize when a camera comes up and we know we are being watched , “just being me” is the challenge. Suddenly we are super aware of how we move or talk, or the nerves creep in and we go blank. When we know people are watching us its easy to feel like they are judging us , but in reality it’s mostly just us judging ourselves. So if we let go of those judgements on ourselves then you are going to have an awesome session.


Okay, easier said than done, right? Maybe not. I think the number one thing to getting over anything is to own it. So at the beginning of each session we check in about how you are feeling about this session. If you have nerves that’s okay! That is super normal. (Like I said if you don’t pose for photos professionally this is going to feel a little awkward.) . I like to embrace that awkward, move through the awkward, acknowledge the awkward and love the awkward. And I think it’s important for me to tell you my definition of awkward (because I think it has a negative connotation , and I don’t see it that way). Awkward is the essences that makes us each our own unique selves, and that unique self needs to be celebrated and acknowledged.


So if your essence wants to cuddle with your dog in a field , or maybe it wants to splash in the water, maybe it wants to be quiet and still on a mountain top. Whatever it is IT.IS.RIGHT.

If you want more tips for successful engagement session check out my guide: Dear Edith and Lily Homepage


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